Refer your friend

One of the bonuses that can make lots of money without spending your own money. Just refer a friend just once and wait to receive the referral fee for a long time. The more friends you invite and play with several times, The more you get bonuses.

Conditions for receiving bonuses

New Friends

  • 1. After inviting friends apply successfully.
  • 2. Your friends must enter our referral code.
  • 3. Your friends have to deposit 200 baht to receive a bonus of 100%
  • 4. Referrals will receive 50 baht.
  • 5. Make 2 times rewards, for unlimited withdrawal.

Old Friend

  • 1. Your friend at level 20 or higher.
  • 2. Friends must enter our referral code.
  • 3. Referrals will get 5000 diamonds.
  • 4. Bonus money will be paid on the next day.

Additional bonuses

  • Friends whom you invite to play, if they place a bet, for example, your friend bets 1000 baht (whether win or lose), they will receive a commission immediately. By referring to friends, there are all 3 levels. The commissions are as follows.
    • • Friend Level 1, commission 0.6%
    • • Friend Level 2, commission 0.3%
    • • Friend Level 3, commission 0.1%
  • The commission will be paid the next day, Make 2 times of balance,  for unlimited withdrawal.